Jun 6, 2010

It Takes a Lot of Beer to Make Good Wine!

Peter and Karen Orr from Felsberg Winery take this axiom so seriously they decided to make their own beer. So, now amongst the Granite Belt vineyards, you can also sample Felsberg’s own European Lager….and it’s good!

The name ‘Felsberg’ is a German expression for ‘rocky hill or mountain.’ When driving up the granite boulder strewn hillside toward the Bavarian styled building that houses the winery, you’ll see that Felsberg is well named. We’re hoping for a Felsberg 'Rocky Horror' party…hint, hint.

The Bell Tower Café at Felsberg Winery is one of our favourite places for lunch. Set high upon the hill with sweeping views of the Glen Aplin valley, the café is a great spot to relax over a tasty meal.

Beer, wine, food, AND views…. It doesn’t get much better!

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